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  • When do I need to register?
    You can register anytime, all year long.
  • Are these group lessons or private lessons?
    Our lessons are private lessons, though group lessons are offered occassionally.
  • How often and how long are lessons?
    The standard lesson is thirty minutes long and takes place on the same day and time each week. Lesson length and scheduling changes can be discussed with your instructor.
  • How much do lessons cost?
    Our rates vary by instructor and our rates are very competitive.
  • When are lessons available?
    Lessons are available on weekdays and some instruments are taught on Saturdays. We offer lessons begining in the mid-morning through the evening.
  • To which age groups do you offer lessons?
    Music lessons are offered for all ages, young children, teens and adults. Music lessons are offered to all levels of experience, beginner to advanced.
  • Is it common for adult beginners to take lessons?
    Yes, very much so and it's never too late, even if you've never played! Working adults and retirees find great joy, fulfillment and relaxation in music lessons.
  • At what age should my child begin?
    Each child's journey is unique. Music lessons will be an integral part of your child's enrichment and development. Some children begin as young as four years old.
  • Can Southeast School of Music help students reach their goals?
    Yes! We can prepare students for performance and give them opportunities to perform at our annual student concert and at other local events. Our instructors are happy to discuss your goals with you and to help you realize them.
  • What is the experience of Southeast School of Music instructors?
    If you click on the individual instructor you will see college degrees and performance credits as well as educational awards in chorus and theater and extensive performance experience including performances with Rock and Roll Hall of Fame artists.
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